Alice V Robinson: Designer, active fashion research




“Attempting a waste-free production chain, her presentation was a great reminder and a wake up call to all of us, the dormant wearers. We buy, use and discard in an infinite cycle, but never for a moment stop thinking of our clothes’ inner identity...Every inch of the animal’s body was used, and after the final slide, the audience found at their back lovely mini burgers made from the same animal’s meat. Unpleasant? Just as our regular shopping. Only consciously, this time.”

Vogue, 2018

During an MA at the Royal College of Art, Alice Robinson began to research the connections between food/farming and the materials used in fashion.

2017-2018. Collection 11458
2019-2020. Collection 374

London College of Fashion
Edinburgh College of Art
Royal College of Art

2018. London Design Festival
2019-2020. Victoria and Albert Museum, FOOD: Bigger than the Plate
2021. MAD, United Fashion 

2020. Victoria and Albert Museum, Collection 11458